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Strange Times, that are filled with potential

Like many people I've been caught unawares by the spread of Covid-19. Six weeks ago I could not imagine myself locked away, organising online lessons for my school students and not seeing much of my family. I never realised how I love my independence - being able to go here, there and everywhere, on a whim.

The positive side is i have an opportunity to finish a lot of work. Re-organise my office, finish those online courses I'm enrolled in, create some new content for my yoga and meditation classes, as well as read the large number of books I have collected, ready for an event such as this.

I can also work on my own fitness goals - I just need to stay focused and not give into the lazy gene I seem to possess. Although I intend to be focused, I shall also take time simply to sit in the sun, or snooze on the couch, or make pasta dough - in short, I shall be kind to myself.

For those of you at home with children - sorry! If you didn't already know, teaching can be a tough gig. Don't make it hard on yourself. A solid hour of work inside with books, should be enough. Be sure to include lots of physical activity. Not only does it improve physical health, it helps immensely with emotional health. If you need ideas, let me know and I shall share some, as I've just finished creating some activities for the online classes I'll have next term. Or, if you need help with anything in Literacy and Numeracy at a primary school level, you can also ask me and I'll do my best to help.

There are lots of people doing healing/energy work for the planet, if you're keen to join in. I am sure part of the reason we had a colder and wetter February, was all the people around the world doing energy/prayer or intention work after the bushfires, in January. Keep an eye out on FB, or do a search online. Peter Mt Shasta is doing some Violet Tara work - you just need to buy his booklet Violet Tara online, then you can join his FB group. You can also check out Dharma Bodhi and Christopher Wallis on FB if you are interested in Tantra. (not neo-tantra with the sex practises! lol Christopher has a free online class that takes approximately three months to complete. There are of course plenty of courses that cost $$. Udemy offer a range of cheap courses as they often have specials, and Daily Om does the same.

Also, there are many online yoga classes coming up. I am offering Chair Yoga - great if getting up and down off the floor is an issue, as well as Yin Yoga classes. These classes go for an hour and are $10-15. If you have lost your job though, I am willing to offer them for free or at a cheaper rate. Please contact me for that. Check out my online presence on facebook under Christine Fiscalini for details on how to book,or send a message to 0428952034.

Finally, I am also offering free 5-10 minute readings for anyone who needs it. There is a charge for longer readings, check out my website, or message me for details. All my readings on C-19 have ended on a positive note, so please don't panic too much about it. Just practise physical distancing and stay at home as much as is possible.

Blessings to you all,

Chrissy xxx

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